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Cooler Chats - Shared screen with speaker view
Brian Myers
We are looking at going to a “bootcamp” model for some course — lecture online; lab for 2 weeks in person
Brian Myers
Article in New York Times about student enrollment choices for fall — https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/15/us/coronavirus-colleges-universities-admissions.html
Claudia Fernandez
we saw some data last week that said 1 in 5 college bound students will defer or not go (family affected by COVID, lost jobs, etc).
Brian Myers
Cost/debt seems to be as big or bigger factor on future college plans for incoming and returning students
Derek Aday
Thanks for the discussion everyone, have to join a 5pm call. As Ken always says, Class 12 is the best....
Ruth MacDonald
Here in Iowa we have had to close meat processing plants due to COVID-19 cases in workers. Hogs are piling up rapidly - we process 100,000 hogs per day here!
Todd Winters
Surprisingly, our enrollments for Summer and Fall are trending up, despite what some of the reports are saying. We did cut all fees through December.
John Beasley
Summer and Fall enrollment numbers at Auburn University are holding steady as well.
Brian Myers
Our summer enrollments are projected to be record high.
Ruth MacDonald
This has been a lesson in how the food system operates! I teach a food systems course and it has been current events
Todd Winters
I think turning this into a learning experience for “effects on the Food System” is powerful.
Brian Myers
We are seeing a big uptick in demand/requests for information on gardening and food preparation.
Claudia Fernandez
There is a history of people going to school during bad financial times, weathering the financial storm in school while jobs are scarce.
John Blanton
We just hired a professor from Columbia and our HR has moved her start date back 12 months. Worried about getting the work VISA with temporary immigration ban and cancellation of fast track option with Immigration
Claudia Fernandez
What's the story with Arizona?
Brian Myers
This letter from President of John Hopkins University regarding how they are handling the financial crisis is scary as well. https://hub.jhu.edu/novel-coronavirus-information/financial-implications-and-planning/
K.P. Sandeep
Todd Winters
All—I’ve got to go off. Hopefully, I can join again next week. Have a good week!
Ruth MacDonald
I gotta run to another call... take care all!
Brian Myers
I’ve got to go as well. Thank you all!
John Blanton
So good news from Msstate related to pay and furlough. Our administration is actually offering an "adjustment check" to summer instructors to help them get through the costs of Covid-19 to their families. and mimum enrollment requirements for classes have been removed to ensure summer pay for instructors
Thomas Thompson
Thanks Carol and Claudia! Enjoyed it.