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Ed Day 2022 - Shared screen with speaker view
michael center
have the results of this student poll been compared with end-of-course evaluations collected by the college?
Katie Sheats
I have been on the Student and Faculty Curriculum Committee for about 7 years. These student survey findings are extremely similar with course evaluation feedback from students I have read over the years.
Sherry Clouser
I love the idea of more authentic assessments using cases - faculty here at UGA are often concerned about security of those items from year to year. Can you talk about how to provide feedback after exams while still keeping those items secure? Is that a concern for y'all as well?
Dany Meritet (she/her)
Definitely a concern. Anatomic Path instructor here - I review the exam results and look for any trends in concepts that students struggled with and would go over that concept, not the exact question/case, in a review session. Would love to hear other ideas!
Erik Hofmeister
Sherry, I wish people embraced open-book open-note. When they are seniors on clinics, we give them all these resources, and they will have them in real life.
Sherry Clouser
Agreed, Erik.
Sherry Clouser
Dany, identifying themes rather than releasing specific items is a great option.
Katie Sheats
I agree with Dani's approach as well - looking for themes and reviewing those with students.
Jesse Watson
We are at a 5 minute warning to wrapping this one up
Sherry Clouser
Love the road trip example!
Sherry Clouser
Spicy - that's me!
Sherry Clouser
Idea - perhaps we could share cases across campuses, then we could rotate them from year to year.
Sherry Clouser
Thanks for the great discussion!
Katie Sheats
I would be interested in talking about that idea more Sherry! We got really good at sharing cases during online learning during COVID. Seems like a direction we could expand in...
Jesse Watson
next session 10:35