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FSLI Encore 2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Shannon Washburn
Thanks so much KP for starting with the most important facts!
Jim Prince
KP, I think you inadvertently mis-spoke. We all know that Cohort 13 is the best cohort!
Carol Reilly
If you name says Elena Irwin please make sure your camera is on so I can figure out who you are
Susan Duncan
Thank you, Sam, for your contributions and Introduction to our Encore event and congratulations on your position as Director for FSLI.
Carol Reilly
It is important that your name is correct on your Zoom frame. If your frame says Elena Irwin Please let me see you on the frame so I can change it.
Jacqueline Wilkins
Thank you Dr. McPheron for the insight and reflections
Susan Duncan
Thank you, Provost McPheron, for your insight and guidance for the Buckeye Nation and to our FSLI Encore participants. The FSLI training and demonstrated leadership begins in a great land grant university, impacting youth through 4-H and undergraduates through graduate education and the network of caring leadership of faculty and administrators. Thank you for reminding us all of the importance of the LGU values, which are so important for guiding us (NorthStar) toward resilience to adversity, compassion for the heart and healing of our communities and nation, and capacity to visualize and pursue change for making our nation and world better.
Sonny Ramaswamy
Aligned with Elena’s comments about the role of higher ed to promote social and economic mobility, social justice, etc. our newsletter, The Beacon, has a number of articles on these topics. You may access here: https://www.nwccu.org/the-beacon/
Michael Newman
Thanks for that link, Dr. Ramaswamy. I had not been reading these.
Darrell Donahue
Congrats Jackie!!!
Elena Irwin
Congrats Jackie!!!! Cohort 15!
Carol Reilly
Congrats Jackie!!
Damona Doye
Congratulations, Jackie. Way to represent Cohort 15!
Lynette Flage
Congratulations Jackie! This is great news!
Jacqueline Wilkins
Thank you, everyone. I am thrilled to be able to continue working hard for the land-grant mission and The Ohio State University in partnership with all of you.
Elena Irwin.1
Sonny: Thanks for the link to NWCCU link -- I love your motto Innovate or Dissipate!
Mike Mullen
Educational Entrepreneurship!! Yes...
Mike Mullen
I second this. Mental health issues have been a major issue for the past decade, and it is worse now. And, I would argue that we must pay more attention to faculty and staff mental health as well. Great session. Off to a committee meeting.
Sonny Ramaswamy
Thanks, Elena.
Alton Thompson
Awesome and forward thinking presentation!!!
Alton Thompson
How quickly do you think the faculty reward system will adopt to this disruptive/transformational change?
Elena Irwin.1
Linda: That was a tour de force thank you so much! How do we incentivize faculty to take risks and make it ok to fail, given that our P&T system is not set up that way?
Jacqueline Wilkins
Linda, your presentation is so on target. Experiencing the concerns around mental health, racial disparities, and learning re-imagined. The idea of are we ready for our learners is key and preparing our employees to meet these needs in innovative ways. How agile do imagine university level resource management will pivot to address these opportunities/needs?
Adel Shirmohammadi
How do we take our learning experiences from this COVID challenge from our Academic Communities to have an educational impact on national leaders (president, senate, congress, etc.) regarding social and economic justice and other pertinent issues -Knowing that Our academic communities are a sample of our larger communities on state and national levels.
Elena Irwin.1
Standing! :)
Damona Doye
I used to give it for graduation gifts.
Doze Butler
OMGoodness!!! Excellent!
Alton Thompson
Awesome presentation.! At what point does too much change become chaos?
Bob Wagner
Please enter questions for Sonny.
Indrajeet Chaubey
As always, thanks for the excellent presentation. While we understand the importance of being a transformational leader, there are times when we have to be transactional leader because of the reality of the situation. How does one balance between the two leadership styles?
Adel Shirmohammadi
Great presentation Sonny. What is impact of COVID on research funding considering that most of the Federal and State Agencies are economically affected? Should Leadership have some accommodations for tenure-promotion process, especially for junior faculty?
Venu (Kal) Kalavacharla
Please add your questions for Dr. Neufville to the chat window
Adel Shirmohammadi
Based on your experience, how do you see the synergy between 1862, 1890, 1994, and FALCON Land Grants? Being the base of science and enlightenment Should academia lead the integration of communities and cultures, thus positively educating and affecting the national policies and hopefully minimizing the racial tension in our communities and the country.
Alton Thompson
In terms of engaging communities in post COVID-19, should we consider having knowledgeable, perhaps credentialed community residents, as adjunct faculty/lecturers in our academic colleges?
Jacqueline Wilkins
We are having great luck partnering with the college of public health, social work, pharmacy, human ecology, and public policy.
Jacqueline Wilkins
What are your favorite specific strategies or examples for intervening in the COVID emergency response right now?
Indrajeet Chaubey
Great to see everyone. I need to go to another meeting. Great Job KP, Kal, Susan, Elena, and Bob with this Encore event. I enjoyed every min.
Jacqueline Wilkins
Wonderful presentations today and much to consider!
Hongwei Xin
Ditto here
Alton Thompson
Awesome FSLI Encore
Indrajeet Chaubey
Carol you have been amazing with all the logistics. Thank you so much.
Elena Irwin.1
Thank you so much to all the presenters -- you all were fantastic!
Bob Wagner
Nice job, Kal!
Adel Shirmohammadi
Great Presentation Dr. Neufville. It is great to see you on the zoom.
Jeanette Thurston
Thank you Cohort 14!! Excellent session
LInda Martin
Thanks to all!
Venu (Kal) Kalavacharla
THANKS to all the speakers, Carol, Sam, Bob, Elena, Sue, KP, and ALL OF COHORT 14!!!
Venu (Kal) Kalavacharla
And to all our mentors from all the previous cohorts…a Big Thank You!!
Damona Doye
Thanks to speakers and Cohort 14 for the positive and inspiring program.
Jacqueline Wilkins
Thanks Cohort 14, we have big shoes to fill next year ; )