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Study Abroad: Next Steps Webinar (Fall 2021) - Shared screen with speaker view
Sarah Siddiqui
Thank you! Are we supposed to have our cameras on?
Julia Law
We're set up as a webinar, so no, you can only see the screens of the presenters.
Sarah Siddiqui
Okay, thank you!
Julia Law
Here is the main link for COVID Fall '21 Updateshttps://studyabroad.ncsu.edu/health-safety-abroad/covid-19/fall-2021-covid-19/
Mattea Mertz
what is the current level that Sweden is at?
Andrew Mayer
I assume it doesn't impact the decision but if we have a vaccine by the time we leave, would that impact our ability to travel?
Julia Law
Hi Mattea, you can find the US DOS info here: https://travelmaps.state.gov/TSGMap/
Mattea Mertz
What do you recommend with respect to finding subleasers for the fall semester?
Julia Law
and here's the CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/map-and-travel-notices.html
Julia Law
We want to make sure you have those links to find updated information later in the semester. It's still restricted now, but we're hopeful with the continued distribution of the vaccine, that it will improve in the coming months.
Taylor Willis
How do the University's travel restrictions / policies apply to direct enrollment? If countries aren't below the University's required threat level by the go/no go date, but are still admitting American citizens, can we research direct enrollment opportunities as a backup, or do the University's policies prohibit direct enrollment as well?
Eva Lloyd
what is the average wait time for a visa in a direct exchange program?
Julia Law
Please type your questions into the Q&A, so that others can see the questions and we can address them as a group.
Julia Law
Julia Law
Hi Eva. The visa process differs by host country, so you will need to watch from instructions form the host institution/program.
Julia Law
If you can't find those details, you should email your program coordinator.
Bennett Kimball
What if our program has TBA as the start date on the study abroad website?
Julia Law
Taylor, just to reiterate: the restricted travel policy applies to all intl experiences - for exchange or direct enroll.
Julia Law
However, you could petition to still study abroad. We'll go into more detail about that shortly.
Cory Gibson
If our university requires us to fill out an application before the go/no-go date, what should we do?
Julia Law
I would encourage you to petition if you'd like to proceed even if travel is still restricted based on current policy.
Julia Law
I would encourage you to go ahead and compelte the application - there is likely not an admin or app fee to compete that application.
Julia Law
What you will want to watch are when any fees are due to the host institution, like housing costs.
Julia Law
Before making deposits or payments to the host institution/housing - I would encourage you to really reflect and review the CDC and host country alert levels, transmission rates, etc. per the links previously provided.
Julia Law
This may vary by program, but submitting the host institution app, should not be committing you financially.
Julia Law
You could double check with your program coordinator.
Taylor Willis
Understood! Thank you. My reason for asking is that I could see a situation in which the CDC / State Department threat levels are still high on the go/no go date, but may be more favorable by the actual time the program starts. (ex. no go date is June, program doesn't start until September).I think this petition process covers my question for the most part.
Julia Law
Great. I think that could be possible too.
Julia Law
And, I think the emergency response team will be looking at trends and MAY be more likely to approve a petition if the level is still higher, but rate trends have been improving significantly.
Shayma Ouazzani
will we get to meet other students somewhere who may be going to the same school abroad?
Shayma Ouazzani
Thank you!!
Taylor Willis
Thanks again! Looking forward to the next steps. We appreciate the help and guidance.
Cory Gibson
Thank you!