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Best Practices for Marketing & Social Media - Shared screen with speaker view
Courtney Bippley
Reference Librarian, Challenge: Outreach to students. Success: Finally getting the marketing department to give us social media accounts.
Laura Watson
Reference Librarian/Director, Library Services Biggest challenge: seeing very few students Biggest slam dunk: finding ways to continue programming efforts online.
Sarah Fetzer
Sarah Fetzer, Reference Librarian at the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach; subjecting patrons to information overload; begin regularly using Instagram stories.
Amy Chellino
Hello. I am a reference librarian at Joliet Junior College Library. A slam dunk for my library has been our Take 5 guides we created as virtual displays to promote on social media and advertise our resources.
Rob Stephens
Rob Stephens, Research, Instruction, and Outreach Librarian at Nicholls State University. My biggest challenge has been creating new programming online for students. Success is that a colleague and I have created online information literacy classes for students that are seeing high usage so far!
Gabrielle Toth
Gabrielle Toth, Reference and Instruction Librarian at Chicago State University. Getting our administration to recognize that we needed to limit physical services and getting the word out about our virtual services was the biggest challenge. Biggest slam-dunk? Our turning on a dime to provide virtual reference and instruction services throughout this period.
Tara Moreno
Challenge: coming up for IG posts while working from home. Reference Librarian at Mandel Public Library in West Palm Beach, FL
Melissa Proulx
Hello! Melissa Proulx - Coordinator of Digital and Outreach Services at Oesterle Library, North Central College. Challenge - effectively communicating constantly changing rules/procedures. Slam dunk - Migrating to a new discovery service and explaining how it works to students/faculty/staff.
Vance Thomas
Vance Thomas, director of seminary library in Kansas City metro area; challenge - solo librarian struggling with time management for marketing; slam dunk - seamless transition to digital from the pandemic.
Danielle Townsend
Hello! Danielle Townsend, Adult Program Coordinator, Burke County Public Library, Morganton, NC. Having to basically relearn my job due to using social media a great deal for the first time. Slam dunk-Adult Subscription Box/bag & Adult Make at Home Curated Craft Kits.
Abby Frye
Hi Everyone! Abby Frye official title "Library Information Services Assistant" at Carl Sandburg College Library. Which really means that like the other 2 employees I do almost everything and anything. The biggest challenge was "what do we even post when we were closed for months?" The biggest win has been that now that we are back to posting regularly the main College page frequently shares what we have posted whether it is informational or fun.
Amber McClure
Internet Services Librarian at Forsyth County Public Library in NC. Challenge: posting consistently on Instagram (surprisingly hard!). Slam dunk: built upon our virtual library, started a virtual classroom and established new community relationships during all of this.
Susan Toole
Susan Toole, Reference Librarian, Asheville-Buncombe Tech Community. Challenge - working virtually until mid August, Slam dunk - using Zoom for reference assistance
Allison Barrows
My name is Allie and I'm a Library Specialist. The most challenging thing from the quarantine is able to streamline work and get projects from the idea phase to execution phase.
David Spence
David Spence, Marketing and Reference at Warren County Memorial Library. Challenge: Keeping the public up to date with the ever-changing state of the library without feeling like we are spamming them. Slam-Dunk: We took this opportunity to update our website to focus more on NC Live and other digital services we offer alongside phone training sessions for our digital services, and have seen a large uptick in the percentage of our patrons who comfortably use our digital services.
Nicole Vandiford
Nicole Vandiford-assistant librarian at Craven Community College in New Bern, NC. Challenge: events and collection development. Slam dunk- revitalized research guides and instruction, especially with our new oculus quest.
Susan Heim
Member of marketing team. Biggest challenge: developing virtual programs; lost many staff and City not approving many new hires due to COVID budget constraints. Slam dunk: greatly increased social media interaction and posting; curbside pick-up a huge hit
Dee Anna Phares
Hi, I'm Dee Anna Phares (Assistant Professor & Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian) at Northern Illinois University Libraries. Challenge: Coming up with content to post since I'm in charge of a review podcast and people stopped reviewing texts. Slam Dunk: being a port in a storm for our patrons, even while we were in the middle of a transition to a new library system.
Marcia Silverstein
Marcia Silverstein, Director of Community Relations and Marketing for the NSU Alvin Sherman Library. My biggest challenge: Getting my colleagues to understand marketing strategies.
Lora Del Rio
Hi! I’m Humanities Librarian & Associate Professor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Challenge: social media & outreach is on top of my other jobs, so it’s hard to do even without a pandemic! Slam Dunk? Recruitment! I’ve successfully hired a Diversity & Engagement Librarian (Yay, Simone!) and a graduate assistant for social media/marketing (Hi Nina!). Additionally I’m on boarding our library specialist (Hi Allie!) for social media. So a whole team to help us up our game. Also a slam dunk: getting a canva Pro account for the library!
Brandy Burbante
Cataloging Librarian/Social Media team member. Challenge: getting out of comfort zone with creating videos for virtual classes. Slam Dunk: creating virtual classes with a coworker
Irina Ballester-Clemente
Hi everyone! Irina Ballester-Clemente - Sr. Library Assistant for the Architecture Research Center at the University of Miami. Biggest challenge: manage the library social media without any previous experience
Nina Weatherly
Hello! Nina Weatherly, recent hire as a Graduate Assistant at SIUE (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) Lovejoy Library. Since I am a recent hire so I am looking for ideas to use for social media and marketing!
Lora Del Rio
You mentioned content calendars a couple times. What do you use to create those?
Lora Del Rio
That would be wonderful!
Susan Heim
We use an Outlook calendar for social media scheduling.
Rob Stephens
How direct have you addressed some of the BLM issues on social media, and have you received positive or negative feedback from that?
Melisa Pressley
do you use canva? anyone in the webinar? i'm trying to figure out the best way to use canva systemwide. thanks!
Jen Rockey
I use Canva for our social media, primarily to get messages out on Instagram.
Alexis Burson
We use Canva at DePaul University Library in Chicago (we have 3 pro accounts for marketing committee) and free accounts for staff in the library. It's amazing. Start with a free account.
Danielle Townsend
We have a social media schedule for each programmer to schedule posts. Shared in Google Drive. We use Canva, then create a PowerPoint, save as mp4, then upload to YouTube as "unlisted", then schedule/create post on Facebook page & copy YouTube link to the post, as well.
Melisa Pressley
We're using pro, but need access for about 50 people.
Rob Stephens
thank you!
Brandy Burbante
1. Can you give an example of a social media post/campaign that performed really well? 2. What are some examples of virtual programs that you've done?
Melisa Pressley
are you seeing a shift from facebook to another social media platform like insta that is reaching more patrons?
Brandy Burbante
How do you track social media statistics?
Brandy Burbante
thanks for the discussion
Rob Stephens
i’m curious about if you have policies on how much content you post daily/weekly/ etc, and also what vetting process your content goes through before it goes out (how many eyes go on it before you publish)?
Danielle Townsend
I have purchased "sample" or wedding favor size items from local small businesses to include in my subscription. The items have business info on them, so patrons can go to business to purchase more! Great local resource contacts!
Marcia Silverstein
Was there a template you used for your marketing plan?
Marcia Silverstein
That would be great! Thank You!
Vance Thomas
Thank you, Libby and Devon
Lora Del Rio
Thank you!
Dee Anna Phares
Thank you for your insights.
Pamela Perry
Thank you!
Anne Marie Hamilton-Brehm
Thanks, great info
Danielle Townsend
Very helpful! Thank you!
Marcia Silverstein
Your website is very Happy!