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FSLI Cohort 14 Reports - Shared screen with speaker view
Stephanie Jung, Department Head, FSN
Nice job Venu! Thank you for sharing! I experienced some of what you went through! Great outcome for your program!
Elena Irwin
Thanks Kal -- One thing that I was curious how you are dealing w integration of knowledge across the different disciplines, e.g., in terms of team teaching courses and/or ensuring consistency across different courses. Project-based learning is a great way to do that, and seems like that is a strong component of the program, which is great. Apologies (to all) that I have to drop off so I won't see your reply but feel free to email me
Venu (Kal) Kalavacharla
thanks all!
Venu (Kal) Kalavacharla
the goal as we develop this program is to do team teaching with faculty from various disciplines; PBL is a great idea.