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Cooler Chats - Shared screen with gallery view
A. Richard Bonanno
If we plan to have 75% of the population eventually get this flu to build herd resistance, how can anyone expect that students, faculty, staff etc. will not get it and also expect deaths. Or have we scrapped that idea and just are planning to wait for a vaccine
Todd Winters
We’re trying to pick the best from a lot of bad ideas.
Our Provost said, most parents and kids want to come back to a normal college experience.
John Blanton
The biggest push back we have faced with offering our students these multi-university classes has been a decrease in tuition to our school. I think because of this issue, our upper admin has not been that open to these oportunities
Kenneth Esbenshade
The last time there was a relatively large push to join teaching efforts across state lines was in the mid 2000's when the last large budget problems occurred. I think there will be further consideration now that we seem to be at a similar place.
Nancy Irlbeck
Would there be a way to reach out to the professional societies to coordinate multi-university classes?
Hongwei Xin
Thanks Claudia and Carol. Great to see everyone. Gotta run.....
Good session! Thanks Y'all!
John Blanton
thank you for putting these calls on. They are very appreciated